Card holders

Ablage Spielkarten

Kartenhalter aus Holz zum Ablegen der Spielkarten. Die Karten sind leicht schräg angeordnet, damit diese optimal entnommen werden können. Die Kartenhalter sind als Bausatz oder auch schon fertig montiert erhältlich. Für Kartengröße 45 x 68 mm. Die Höhe eines Kartenfaches beträgt 19 mm. Es passen auch Karten mit Hülle bis zu einer maximalen Breite von 47,5 mm.

DIY kit: The card holders come in individual parts and still have to be glued together. If necessary, the individual parts can still be processed with sandpaper to achieve a higher surface quality. Sandpaper is included. Wood glue tube (12ml) can be purchased separately for an additional charge of 1 euro. This is enough for several card holders.
Wood glue tube (12 ml) can be purchased separately for an additional charge of 1 euro. This is enough for several card holders.

Alternatively, the card holders can also be ordered fully assembled and glued.

Wood is a natural product, there may be slight visual deviations between the different parts (e.g. knots).
There may also be laser residues on the individual wooden parts; these can be removed with the sandpaper supplied.

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 Size information:Length / width / height in mm

 Card holder 3 cards: 158/75/31

 Card holder 4 cards: 209/75/31

 Card holder 5 cards: 260/75/31

 Card holder 6 cards: 311/75/31

 Prices as a DIY kit:

 Card holder 3 cards: € 5.50 *

 Card holder 4 cards: € 7.00 *

 Card holder 5 cards: € 8.50 *

 Card holder 6 cards: € 10.00 *

 Prices fully assembled and glued:

 Card holder 3 cards: 22,00 €

 Card holder 4 cards: 24,00 €

 Card holder 5 cards: 26,00 €

 Card holder 6 cards: 28,00 €

* Prices plus shipping costs, shipping costs only necessary once per order, shipping method can be selected, prices only refer to the card holder, cards and game material are not included

(within Germany, ask for other countries)

Post large letter with priority: 2.60 euros (only as a kit without wood glue)
DHL package: 4.50 euros

If you are interested, simply request an individually tailored free offer. All the necessary information can be found in the offer.

(When you click the "Request offer" button, you will be forwarded to the contact form, where you specify the number of items, card holder size and variant)

(free and without obligation)