Tired of searching for figures?

Then we have something in common and I can help

It doesn't have to look like this anymore!

My name is Steffen Kirchner and I offer you toy figure holders in a wide variety of versions.
Initially for the well-known board game "The Settlers of Catan". Other organizers such as for "Carcassonne" will follow.

Finally a better overview of the playing field, specifically reaching for the pieces, because in the future they could always be stored in the same place in an orderly manner.
It is over with making a tactical mistake because in the chaos of the game pieces you overlooked the fact that the planned figure has already been used elsewhere

Finally play organized with an overview

How did this idea come about?

At Christmas there was a small wooden box full of chocolates. The chocolates have been eaten, what happens to the wooden box now? Put in the oven?
No !
In the background there was still the settler playing field. So it was clear that the pieces had to go into the box.
As a result, the figures were arranged in the box and I sat in front of the computer. When I'm not building settler boxes, I work as a designer in the mechanical engineering department. CAD knowledge is therefore available and after a while the first 3D draft was ready

How to manufacture ?

A friend has a 3D printer. The first prototype was ready after 10 hours of printing. It wasn't perfect, but many more followed until the desired result.
Meanwhile, the whole family and the whole circle of friends is with organizer fitted

The organizers could be extensively tested during the settler rounds, which take place several times a week. The feedback was consistently positive. Nobody wants to miss their Organizers anymore

Not found the right variant ?

Do you need an organizer for another game ?

A lot is possible, just send me a free and non-binding inquiry.
A Feedback is always welcome.

E-mail to  info@brettspielorganizer.de


I often play online on the Catan Universe platform. A community called "King of Catan" has developed to meet up for online games, with their own rating and tournaments. If you feel like it and maybe you would like to play against me, you can get more information here and join the community, new members are very welcome.

– Click here for King of Catan-