Organizer for plastic figures as an accessory suitable for the board game The Settlers of Catan with the extensions Seafarers as well as Cities and Knights

The highlight:
The city expansion board can be accommodated in this box.

The box was designed in such a way that it can be turned and shaken with the lid closed without the figures being mixed up.

Box size when closed: 21x13x5.2 cm.
Figures are not included in the scope of delivery.

Scope of delivery for the kit:
all wooden parts, insert for the game figures, felt, adhesive tape and sandpaper.

You also need wood glue, glue clamps or clothespins, cloths and double-sided adhesive tape for the assembly.
Wood glue can be supplied on request for an additional charge of 5.00 euros.

This box is for one player and offers space for the following:

  • 4 cities, 5 settlements, 15 streets
  • 15 ships
  • 6 knights, 3 city walls
  • 3x metropolis
  • 6x helmet for knitghts
  • 1x city expansion tableau
  • 15 chips for city expansion tableau

The box is only available as a kit. DIY
Preis pro Kiste als Bausatz DIY: 35,00 €    Art.-Nr.: 30051

DHL package within Germany: 4.50 euros

(free and without obligation)

The products listed here are designed and manufactured by me (Steffen Kirchner).
The inserts are made from biodegradable PLA using a 3D printing process.

Instructions for assembling the wooden box

1. Material for preparation
2. Prepare the material for the floor, first work all parts with sandpaper to the desired surface quality
3. Apply glue to the first two sides of the floor
4. Put on the first side panel
5. Remove excess glue
6. Glue in the front of the side wall
7. Put on the second side wall, remove excess glue and fix with adhesive tape
8. Coat the next side with glue and continue as usual
9. Put on all parts, remove excess glue and fix with adhesive tape
10. Prepare the floor of the inner part
11. Glue the front sides
12. Assemble the inner part
13. Glue the floor all around on the inside
14. Insert the inner part in the base
15. Remove excess glue, especially in the two grooves, this is where the city expansion panel will be located later
16. Press the parts together with glue clamps or, if necessary, with clothespins
17. Prepare the material for the lid, work on all parts with sandpaper beforehand
18. Apply glue to the first two sides of the lid
19. Put on the first side wall, make sure the writing is in the correct position
20. Press on the side wall with adhesive tape and fix it
21. Excess glue can best be removed with a cloth by wiping from the inside out
22. Also remove the excess glue from the inside
23. Make sure to glue all surfaces in contact
24. Put on all parts, remove excess glue and fix with adhesive tape
25. Put the lid on the floor to dry for accuracy of fit, drying time at least one hour
26. Stick double-sided adhesive tape on each side of the felt
27. After the wood glue has dried, glue the felt into the lid in two layers, pay attention to the correct position, glue it on the side of the label


  • Have plenty of kitchen towels ready to wipe off excess glue. Including a couple of damp cloths.
  • The best way to remove the excess glue from the corners is with a flat-bladed screwdriver
  • Apply glue to all touching surfaces, ideally before starting assembly to put the box together for testing without glue
  • Work quickly to avoid premature drying of the wood glue